How And Where To Stack Your Firewood

The type of firewood you purchase—green wood, semi-seasoned wood, seasoned wood, or kiln-dried wood—determines whether you can store it indoors or outdoors.

To properly season green or semi-seasoned wood, it is best to leave it outside in the sun or covered from the elements.

Our recommendation is to let green wood sit outside for at least six to eight months before burning it. This type of wood typically has a moisture content of over 45 percent, making it unsuitable for immediate burning. Instead, firewood should be considered fully seasoned and ready for use only when its moisture content falls below 20 percent.

Semi-seasoned wood falls somewhere in between green and seasoned wood and requires a similar approach. We can assess the moisture content of your semi-seasoned firewood prior to delivery and provide you with a timeframe for proper seasoning before burning.

Stacking Firewood Outdoors

To expedite the drying process, we advise stacking your firewood as soon as it is delivered. You should choose a dry location for your firewood and consider using racks for stacking, as many of our customers do.

Our firewood is thoroughly cleaned with a tumbler to remove any dirt or debris, making it safe to stack near your home. However, we still recommend keeping a gap between the house and the firewood to promote proper air flow.

Regardless of where you choose to stack your firewood, it is important to expose it to sunlight and air. We suggest covering the top and a portion of the sides with a tarp, securing it in place with logs or large stones, while keeping the sides exposed to air for the wood to properly season.

There are certain locations where you should avoid stacking your firewood, such as on grass, mulch, or any area that tends to retain moisture. It's essential to ensure that your firewood remains dry, as wet wood is susceptible to rotting.

If you notice that your firewood is soft, spongy, or squishy, with white mold on the outside, then it has been waterlogged and is not suitable for burning, particularly indoors. We strongly advise against burning moldy wood for safety reasons.

Stacking Firewood Inside

Our seasoned wood and kiln-dried firewood are both clean and suitable for indoor storage, as many of our customers prefer to store them in the garage, basement, or near the fireplace or stove.

However, it is crucial to store the firewood in a dry location and avoid storing it in areas with high moisture, such as a damp basement or other high-moisture areas.

We Are Here to Help

If you have any doubts about where to store your firewood, feel free to reach out to us. We are always happy to provide you with storage recommendations when we deliver your order.

Additionally, we offer stacking services for customers who prefer not to stack the firewood themselves. Please let us know in advance if you would like this service!