The 3 Advantages of Kiln-Dried Firewood

The process of producing Kiln-dried firewood involves loading specially-designed steel baskets with the firewood, which are then placed inside kiln dryers. During this process, the kilns effectively eliminate all bugs and mold, while reducing the moisture content of the wood to 10-20%. Before undergoing this rigorous process, the logs typically have a moisture content of 30-60%.

As a result of this specialized production, the resulting firewood is certified by the USDA and is guaranteed to burn cleanly with reduced smoke.

Here are the 3 main reasons kiln-dried firewood is the best firewood you can buy…

1. One major benefit of using kiln-dried firewood is the ability to start burning it right away. Thanks to the kiln drying process that removes most of the moisture content, there is no need to wait before enjoying a warm fire. This feature is particularly useful for those occasions when you have not had the chance to plan ahead for your firewood needs.

2. Choosing kiln-dried firewood has several advantages when it comes to cooking or experiencing a fire with dry wood. With lower moisture content, it ignites more easily, burns cleaner with minimal smoke, and lasts longer. These benefits make kiln-dried firewood the ideal choice for anyone looking to cook with wood or wanting a pleasurable experience.

3. Finally, kiln-dried firewood is a superior option to "seasoned" wood, particularly in terms of cleanliness. Compared to naturally dried wood, firewood that has undergone kiln drying is less likely to be dirty or contain insects. This quality makes it an excellent choice for those who store their wood near or inside their homes or anyone who simply prefers cleaner firewood. If you value cleanliness, choosing kiln-dried firewood is the way to go!